Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Geneva: The United Nations

On Saturday, June 12, my friends and I went to look at the United Nations building in Geneva. Geneva is home to the Geneva Convention and League of Nations which is now the United Nations. It's basically world peace central. It was a very nice tour where we got to go into many of the meeting rooms and tour the old building of the UN. It was so nice to be in a place of such optimism and hope for a better world.

After the tour we went to Diana's to have an "American" BBQ with cheeseburgers (minus american cheese or cheddar cheese because let's face it, it's difficult to find..) bread, salads, and a ridiculous amount of ice cream. It's too bad that I can't send the ice cream home because it is seriously AMAZING!

After multiple complaints of having a full belly we went into Nyon to watch the US vs. England football match. It was packed with a bunch of English people living in Geneva. I was one of maybe 6 or 7 cheering for the US. Fortunately I wasn't kicked out. I thought that they played well against England and am excited to see the next game. I'm definitely hopping on the band wagon with this one. The score ended up being 1 - 1 which is disappointing but I enjoy how you can know when the game will end because there isn't over-time. Unlike baseball where you can have infinite innings trying to win.

The next day we planned a trip to Gruyeres to check out the cheese and chocolate factories!!!


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  1. The time goes on in later games. Just not the first round. And we we're supposed to lose to England so they played great!