Friday, July 16, 2010

A Birthday of Epic Proportions!

So the week leading up to my birthday I went to a HUGE free viewing area for the Spain / Germany football game. It was super crowded and we had a very difficult time trying to locate most of my friends. Before we arrived at the game we were trying to find my friend Nicola and I was calling him on my phone. I was looking towards the direction that I had thought I'd seen him when some guy on a bike flew past Anna and I. He looked around and I guess that he thought we were looking at him because he turned around and came to talk to us. This was an awkward surprise and we chatted in Franglish for a bit thinking he'd probably leave. Well... we were wrong. He became our new friend and came with us to watch the game! A fun time was had by all! I'm going to count this as "Going to see a football game" because it was just as exciting and crowded haha. Next up was my BIRTHDAY!!!! Or "C'est mon Anniversaire" as I told people throughout the entire day! First I met about 9 or 10 or my friends at the lake for some paddle boating and swimming in the lake! It was quite a great time and the lake was so warm :-) I seriously don't know what I'd do if I didn't live by some body of water!
The water is also VERY clear and beautiful! J'adore Lac Lehman!
Following the lake party we had a picnic in the park! It was a very successful picnic as everyone brought food and drinks. My new friend Nicola even brought two HUGE tubs of delicious pasta! I love how easy it is to make friends here! Everyone is almost in the same boat (pun intended) trying to meet new people and make friends!
Coincidentally there was the Lake Parade on my birthday! It's sorta like a pride parade where there are multiple floats that have DJ's and you find music you like and go dance around the float! There were a ton of people there all dressed up and dancing! It was just a fun time! The streets were pretty trashed after it but everything was cleaned up directly after the parade. Another reason to love Switzerland!

After the parade we went to my friend Mattie's house to have dinner and get ready to go out! We went to The Fisherman's which is probably my favorite Pub! I was given a birthday drink and didn't have to pay for a drink all night! Birthdays are the best!!! Then we went back to Mattie's and more craziness ensued until we all went to bed!
Absolutely a FANTASTIC time that I will always remember!!!

On another note, I am leaving for London (ect.) tomorrow morning!!! So by the time ya'll in the US wake up I will already be there have had tea and could quite possibly be shaking hands with the Queen, you never know! I'm pretty excited to be in an English speaking country the next two weeks (minus Milan but that's ok).

More on that later,



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