Thursday, July 29, 2010


It was such an unfortunate time when we realized we had forgotten our eye patches, large ear rings, and pet parrots for our trip to London because our lovely couch surfing host Leigh had forgotten to mention that the "Boat party" he was taking us to was a PIRATE BOAT PARTY on the Thames, with a DJ, alcohol and a bunch of Australians!!! See one of the things I am beginning to realize is that Europeans (or Aussies hah) know how to have a party. Even through my time here I've been to a party in the woods, party in the streets, party on the lake, party in a bar, party in an alley, ect... and London was not an exception.
We met SO many new and exciting people! Most of whom were in their pirate best! This is the thing I like best about couch surfing, you get to do things you wouldn't have known about as a tourist. We also got to stay in Wimbledon which if we stayed in a hostel we wouldn't have seen. Although, it really isn't as posh as we would have thought being the site of the Tennis World Matches and whatnot. I was able to get so many great pictures on the boat cruise because we were able to see things like the Tower Bridge, London Eye, Parliament and the Clock Tower from the middle of the river instead of some road in London. This party started the first of many sleepless nights due to late nights and early mornings.
The next day we went on a tour of London and saw great things such as • Hyde Park Corner • Buckingham Palace • The Changing of the Guard (most days)* • Churchill’s War Cabinet Bunker • The Houses of Parliament • St. Martin-in-the-Fields • Westminster Abbey • Trafalgar Square • Nelson’s Column • Wellington Arch • St. James’s Park • 10 Downing St. • Horseguards • Whitehall • Big Ben There are just so many stories from London and so much that we did although it did seem like most of our travels in London were spent on the Tube.
We also saw the Old City (the actual city of London). It's the only place in London that the Queen can not go without permission of the Mayor of the City of London. Then there's this big ceremony where he passes her a big golden stick and then will wait for her to finish her time in the city and then get the stick back from her. London is full of very strange rules, laws or traditions. Quite strange hah.
London was great to visit but I think Chelsie and I both agreed that it was not how we imagined it would be (although it was very nice) and we wouldn't want to live there. Although speaking of places I'd like to live, my next blog is some place I am seriously considering moving. :-)


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