Friday, August 13, 2010


So in hopes of seeing a beautiful Mediterranean city with beaches and more Italian food I went to Genoa... and it was less than what I'd hoped for. It's more of a port than a beach so I could only see the sea from afar and didn't get any beach time. Instead I hoped on one of the annoying tourist trains in hopes of dodging some creepy street vendors who were harassing me. This worked for a bit but then I decided to go on a walk to either find a shop or some good food. There are some lovely sights in Genoa but the "city" is mostly alleys and many creepy people trying to sell you things. Being by myself was pretty scary here, especially when I decided to take the "scenic" route back to the bus stop and happened to be on a road on the outside of the city that was more industrial then scenic. It made me nervous not to be around people since I was the only one walking on this road...
Eventually I did find a bench and read my book for a couple of hours. This was after yet another pizza and some more Gelato. To make myself even more nervous my bus was 20 minutes late to pick me up, the only person who had gotten on or off at this stop. I really wish I had gone to Verona instead because it was about the same distance away but Italy isn't all that far from me so maybe I'll just go for a weekend trip one day. Overall impression though was that if you're going to Italy there are so many nicer places to go so I'd leave this one off your list.

So that covers my 2 week Holiday! Next up Barcelona August 20 - 23!

- B

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