Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cork aka Kinsale, Blarney, and The Cliffs of Moher

Ireland! Land of Leprechauns, Gold, Cute Accents, Friendly People, Cloudy skies, and Guinness, oh how I love you. After our London ridiculousness we hoped on a plane to the green hills of Cork. Even the border check guy was friendly! We grabbed a bus to the city center and met our wonderful host Paul! Our first day in Cork was quite relaxing. We went and had breakfast with Paul and then walked around the city a bit. Although, I wouldn't say I consider Cork a "city" but more a large town. I preferred this actually. After our tour we went and took a nap since we hadn't slept much in London.
That evening we went and saw Reggie Watts perform. He's an amazing musician / comedian (He's on youtube). It was SO much fun! After the concert we went to another bar with live music and got to watch people dance and just hang out with a lot of cool people! We also got to meet Reggie and hang out with him for much of the night! (He's the one with the afro in the picture above) (Our host Paul is in the picture below)
The next day Chelsie and I made plans to go to another Irish town and then make our way to Blarney. Above are some pictures from Kinsale. It's a little town on the South Western part of Ireland near a Bay that connects to the Ocean. It's a beautiful town with a lot of Spanish influence. We walked around and took many pictures. Then we caught the next bus back to Cork so that we would have time to visit Blarney in the same day! One thing I loved about Cork was how easy it was to just get a bus to almost anywhere in Ireland!
So we went back to Cork and hoped on a bus to Blarney, home of the Blarney Stone!
It turns out that the Blarney Stone is in Blarney Castle which sits on a beautiful piece of land full of parks, creeks, witches and folklore! First thing we did was climb to the top of the castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. We didn't realize that in order to kiss the stone you have to lay on your back and grab onto some iron bars to lean back down and kiss the bottom of this stone that's part of the castle. With the help of the charming old Blarney Stone worker guy we were both able to kiss the stone! The picture is above in black and white!
After kissing the stone (which gives you the gift of eloquence or gab as they say) we decided to roam the lands in search of witches, wishes and whatnot. We found many enchanted things suck as a rock you could walk under for luck, stairs you had to walk up and down with your eyes closed in order for a wish to come true (mine did...), a sacrificial stone and a witches kitchen. What a fun place for a couple of aupairs to act like a kid :-) The next day we went on a full day adventure to "That place with the cliffs that are on the discovery channel"
The Cliffs of Moher can now be called my favorite place in the world! It's a mixture of danger and beauty, green and blue and rock and sea. It was a cool, cloudy day but it didn't stop many people from walking on top of the beautiful cliffs that allow you to see the Atlantic Ocean in a way I never have! I even waved to the U.S since it's just across the way :-) If there was a place I would recommend going to anyone this would be it!
After we returned to Cork we had to say our farewells to Paul and Cork. It was a bitter-sweet farewell for me since Cork was one of my favorite places and made me feel so at home. Good thing we weren't leaving Ireland yet because we were heading off to Dublin!

- B

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