Thursday, August 12, 2010


After a sleepless night in Dublin, Chelsie and I gathered our bags and prepared for our final plane together. We were headed towards Scotland, land of bag pipes, whiskey, and beautiful castles! Once we got to Edinburgh we once again figured out the public transportation and got on a bus to Edinburgh, although we ended up on two different buses. I was waiting on the bus for Chelsie to finish her coffee and as she was walking back from the trashcan the bus pulled away. So she waited for the next one and I waited for her at the last stop. Once we were both together again we lugged of stuff up the hill to our hostel. We stayed in the Edinburgh Backpackers Hostel which was a great hostel and if anyone happens to be going to Edinburgh I HIGHLY recommend you stay there. It was clean, friendly, and right in the middle of town! Once we got there at 8 or 9am we couldn't check into our room until 1 so we did what any tired traveller does, found a couple of couches and crashed until 1am. Once we woke, showered and ate we went on a tour of Edinburgh! We totally lucked out and got the cute tour guide! Although, I'm certainly more in love with the Irish accent then the Scottish, Chelsie was the opposite so that worked out well hah. We got to learn quite a lot about the city and get some excellent photos. After the tour we went to dinner and met an Australian couple who told us about a pork sandwich restaurant that we went to the next day. It. was. the. best. pork. sandwich. I. have. ever. had. (Including North Carolina style...)
After dinner we walked around a bit and then decided to go on a pub crawl! It was pretty fun, got to meet some interesting characters at least.
The next day we did a lot of walking around and touring on our own. In the evening Chelsie went on a hike and I stayed and I read my book / napped. When Chelsie didn't come back I met some guys from France and sorta practiced my French. We then went to a small Scottish pub where there was live traditional music and good beer. I also tried some Scottish whiskey although I'm afraid I'm not really that much of a fan. I do love how much music is a part of the lives of the Irish and the Scottish. I wish that it were more like this in the US. It was wonderful to go out and hear live music at most of the places we went to. Perhaps I'll just have to make my own shop with live music in the evenings :-) The plan has already begun...
- B

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