Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well, my final voyage had arrived and what a great day trip it was!  My friends Jenna, Chelsie, Rachel and I went to Annecy for the day to enjoy the picturesque European town,beautiful lake and mountain backdrop.  The town was full of charming shops, flee markets, tourists and excellent photo ops!  It was absolutely beautiful and my friends and I couldn't help but exclaim every few minutes or so how glad we were to be there!   

 There was a bit of a fiasco at the toll where Jenna had to jump out of our car and run a few Euros back to Rachel before the French driver behind her got too irritated.  After that we followed the Autoroute to Annecy.  We parked the cars a bit outside the city and walked to the center.  Annecy is known as the Venice of France because it has many canals that flow through it.  My favorite part of the city was the large green field just off the lake where people seemed to flock to sit and enjoy the 70 degree weather.  We purchased some sandwiches and ate them while bathing in the gorgeous sunlight!  It was definitely a day to soak up the Vitamin D!  

 After we shopped for a bit we headed back to the cars and on to a medieval looking bridge to take some cute snapshots.  After that it was another hug from my friends to say goodbye.  
Soon I'll be hugging them for the last time in a very long time.  I've truly made great friends here who have been absolutely amazing and have made my time here extremely well worth it.  I am going to miss them more than a thousand trips to Paris, a view of the Alps or any gelato or chocolate.  I wish I could just pack them instead of my clothes or shoes or anything I've collected here because they are what make my world go round.  Chelsie, Annie, Rachel and Jenna you guys are amazing and I will miss you all so much.  A part of my heart will always be with you! 
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