Thursday, July 29, 2010


If only to say that I did it here is a blog about Swiss Fondue...

On the eve of my departure to London a few friends of mine and I went out to consume some of the delicacies of Switzerland, namely Fondue. We ordered 2 Fondues and 3 Raclettes (Fondue is melted cheese with wine, and other things added, Raclette is cheese that has been cooked by fire or something and is then pealed off) I choose to have the Fondue. It did have a pretty terrible smell but tasted delicious.

During our dinner we made a discovery! The pizza at the table next to us had been abandoned. So like any pizza loving family we adopted it and gave it a new home... our bellies. Some of you might think this was a terrible idea because 1. The people could have returned and been pretty surprised to see a plate of empty pizza or 2. The waitress could have been confused to see we had a pizza now and she should bill us for it as well. Fortunately none of that happened and the waitress laughed about it as well.

Thus, I have now had a swiss cheese fondue... :-)

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