Friday, May 28, 2010

Interlaken / Sailing

This past weekend I went to Interlaken with Link. Link is a great organization that helps to bring au pairs together to meet and do fun things! If you don't know what or where Interlaken is it's a beautiful area between two mountains of the alps. There are also two lakes that are connected by canals that go through Interlaken (hence the name). There are a lot of outdoors activities that you can do there such as hiking, canyoning, skydiving, paragliding, ect. It's a truly beautiful place that I'm so glad I saw! Here are some pictures!
This is the hostel all 47 of us stayed in! It was pretty nice as far as hostels go! This is my 2nd hostel so far! :-)

These two are pictures of the hike I did on Sunday! It was a 16K (About 10 miles) hike down the mountains and through the Lauterbrunnen valley!
It was so beautiful there! When the bus first started driving near the mountains it was so breathtaking. I have never seen mountains that inspire so much awe. Now I have to make a trip out to the Rockies to see how they compare!

The following day, Monday, we had planned a trip to go sailing and have a BBQ picnic! Another thing I have never done has been sailing! It was great! I got to help hoist the sail (sorta, more like guide the sail) and I got to steer the boat too! It was such a beautiful day! Clear skies and a view of Mont Blanc from Lake Geneva.

See that big white mountain back there? That's Mont Blanc (I think) :-)
After sailing we had a wonderful picnic where we kicked around a football and played Monopoly deal (in German). It was a truly wonderful weekend and I was able to meet many great people and see so many beautiful things!

Next up is a trip to Lugano (the Italian part of Switzerland, should be interesting since I know NO Italian) next weekend and a trip to Zurich the following weekend! I've also started making plans to go to Ireland / London July 17th - ? I'll probably be booking flights for that next week! So much to experience, I love Europe!

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