Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First post in Switzerland!!

Hello friends!

This is my first post from Switzerland! I've been here now 4 full days. It's been rather busy which is apparently unusual (not for me though). My first few days were full of getting to know the (un)usual routine. Jules was sick monday and tuesday so he was with Heather and I all day. I think having him home all that time really helped him to get used to me. We even had a very tender moment where he told me he loved me :-) It made my day. He's very hard not to love.

I went to bible study monday night in Nyon. I was able to meet so many of Heather's friends and they all seem really nice! I'm excited to go to Link tonight and meet more Au pairs. After bible study we went to a pub in Nyon and I got to meet the very friendly bartender Renier, he even gave me a free drink :-). Heather said that it's very common for people to want to go out for a drink, even right after bible study haha. She said it's almost uncommon for people not to drink. I love Europe. Everyone seems a little less uptight then in the states.

Heather and I went into Geneva yesterday and walked around. It is so beautiful! I can't wait for there to be nicer weather so we won't have to wear rain coats and bring umbrellas. We went to the train station and then walked around for quite a while. She showed me where some good shopping is and we got free churros from the "Churro man". He seems very sweet and I will definitely be back to see him!

Heather leaves for Amsterdam tonight so I'll be on my own this weekend. I'm pretty excited to go and explore Geneva and see who all I can meet! My french is still very American but I'm starting to pick up little words here and there. I am a little sick of not being able to understand much other people say but I think it gives me reason to learn more! I'll be starting my French classes on Monday. I won't be able to go to bible study now but at least I start classes soon!

All in all I'm very excited about this year still! It's really beautiful here and full of new things to do. I'll continue posting about what I experience! Au Revoir!

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